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Storm Surge Network

The Storm Surge Network exists to support collaboration between researchers. Join our LinkedIn group to participate in discussions. 


Satellite data are currently being made available for the following live events, for which a storm surge is anticipated or has recently occurred:
  - Hurricane Matthew (Gulf of Mexico, 4 Oct 2016):
           More information or access data.

Satellite data for the storm surge community

The eSurge project was an ESA DUE project which ran from 2011 to 2015. Its aim was to improve the modelling and forecasting of storm surges through the increased use of advanced satellite data, including advanced products such as scatterometry and coastal altimetry. The project's final report can be viewed here.
Although eSurge has now closed, the freely available database of past events is still available, and we continue to make live data available when a surge is forecast. We hope to be able to make an announcement regarding a permanent home for this service soon. 
Documentation and training are available online to help make use of this data, and we encourage ongoing participation in the Storm Surge Network.
The legacy of eSurge lives on through improved models, training and ongoing collaborations. In particular eSurge's legacy can be seen in:
Other links will be posted here when available.

What is a Storm Surge?

A storm surge is an unexpectedly high water level brought on by unusual atmospheric conditions. Much of the world's coastline is at risk of storm surges, which are among the most devastating of natural catastrophes. Read more.

eSurge is funded by the European Space Agency through its DUE programme. It is being undertaken by a consortium consisting of CGI (formerly Logica), NOC, DMI, CMRC and KNMI.

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Online Training

The eSurge online storm surge training course is now live.

Check it out here.

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eSurge is funded by the European Space Agency through its Data User Element (DUE) programme.

We would also like to thank the following other organisations for their help:

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The eSurge Venice project has been set up to focus on the Adriatic Sea and Venice lagoon. See their website for more details.