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eSurge provides an online storm surge training course. 

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The Storm Surge Network exists to support collaboration between researchers. Join our LinkedIn group to participate in discussions. 


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First eSurge newsletter now online

The first edition of the eSurge newsletter, aimed at keeping our user group up to date with the latest developments in the project, is now available online.

In this issue you will find an overview of eSurge, as well as a description of the important coastal altimetry work being carried out, following on from the COASTALT project. We also introduce the eSurge Venice project, our sister project set up to look at the special conditions in the Adriatic sea.

For more information and a chance to contribute to the future direction of the project, you are invited to our workshop on Satellite Data for Storm Surge Modeling and Forecasting, which will be held in Copenhagen on 10-11 September 2012. Registration is free, and we hope to see many of you there; see the workshop website for details.

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The eSurge project exists to support our users, so please let us know what we can do for you. Perhaps we can help you find the data you need, or to make your own data more widely available? Are there particular surge events that interest you? Are there particular issues with data ingestion that we can help with? Can we tailor our upcoming training events to suit your particular needs?

For more information or to get in touch, please see the project website or email us directly. Better still, come to our workshop in September or talk to us at one of the other conferences that we will attend.