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Towards a Near Real Time Storm Surge Core Service

Deltares, Delft, Netherlands.

20-21 January 2015.

This meeting was hosted by Deltares in their Delft premises. Thanks to them and to all participants.

The meeting report is available here. Currently this is a draft for review by participants; please send any comments either to the author, or raise them on the Storm Surge Forum group for discussion.


The ESA DUE eSurge project and its legacy

Phillip Harwood, CGI

Development of a global tide and storm surge model and forecasting system

Martin Verlaan, Deltares

Storm surge modeling at JRC and Data Requirements for the GDACS System

Alessandro Annunziato, JRC

Forecasting and Modelling in the Adriatic Sea and Venetian Lagoon

Marco Bajo, ISMAR

UK Storm Surge Forecasting  Current system and future plan

Rachel Furner, UK Met Office

A new Kalman Filter for Operational Storm Surge Forecasting in The Netherlands

Firmijn Zijl, Deltares

Wind and Waves NRT Services and User Requirements

Ad Stoffelen, KNMI

EUMETSAT experiences in responding to the requirements of Operational users

Julia Figes Saldana and Mark Higgins, EUMETSAT

Storm surge forecasting at DMI and perspectives on the use of Earth Observation

Marianne Patzer, DMI

Application of coastal altimetry to storm surges


Storm surges are a threat to lives and economies worldwide, as has been shown by events such as Hurricane Sandy, Cyclone Haiyan and the 2013-2014 European winter storms. Recently there has been much work done to improve surge models, in particular using new types of satellite data, which show promising results. The next stage is to use such techniques within near real time forecasting services. 

Both within Europe and worldwide, the state of storm surge forecasting is extremely variable, with some countries operating sophisticated models and others having almost no service. This symposium will promote the sharing of information and experience between countries, as well as looking at the potential for coordination by international bodies.

Since storm surge warnings are associated with extreme winds and waves, the surge user community needs should be consistent, and promoted in parallel, with those for NRT services of winds, waves and surge. This may involve a coordinated international effort to implement a service portal for NRT measurements and model data.

The symposium is being organised by ESA’s eSurge project ( During the last few years this project has successfully built a community for storm surges, providing users with new data through a consolidated data portal. The project is coming towards the ends of its nominal lifetime, and a key part of this meeting will be to discuss how the lessons learned from the project can be applied elsewhere, and how best to ensure continuity of key eSurge services to users through other means.