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East coast USA

Storm Stella

SEV data collection initiated following media reports of coastal flood advisories being issued for parts of the US East Coast due to the Storm Stella system.

Hurricane Hermine

SEV data collection initiated following reports of a 2.9m storm surge measured in the Florida area following the landfall of Hurricae Hermine. This surge was generated despite the storm being classed as a Category 1 hurricane.

Winter Storm Jonas (Eastern United States)

Whilst predominantly known for the large quantities of snowfall Storm Jonas left covering the U.S Eastern Seaboard, there are also reports of the strong winds coupled with prolonged onshore flow generating in a major coastal flood threat for Delaware and New Jersey.

Storm Juno

See e.g. this news report.

Wild ocean conditions at Boston at the end of a long fetch of storm force winds (from Ascat).

High energy waves at Boston (buoy 44013) Hsig 8.3m Peak Period 14 seconds and storm surge to 1 metre at inshore buoy . 

Hurricane Sandy (2012)

Hurricane Sandy was a severe late-season tropical storm which caused devastation across the Carribean and the United States in October 2012, with preliminary estimates of up to $50bn damage caused. The storm caused a major storm surge affecting many parts of the US east coast, with New York in particular being badly hit by a record surge of over 4m.