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East Asia

RAMMASUN-14 (China)

Se the GDACS event page for more details.

This cyclone also triggered a surge event in the Philippines.

Cyclone NEOGURI-14

Tropical Storm Parma (2009)

No content at present

Typhoon Xangsane 2006

No content at present

Typhoon Haiyan (Vietnam)

This page is for the secondary surge from Haiyan, along the Vietnamese coast. For the main surge in the Philippines, see here.

Satellite data are available in the eSurge database.

Cyclone Thirty (2013)

This event has been initiated in response to this GDACS alert for a storm surge of ~0.6m in Thailand.

Satellite data will be made available in the eSurge database.

Tropical Cyclone Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms on record, hit the Philippines at about 0900 local time (0100 GMT) on 8th November 2013. <

Cyclone Krosa (2013)

Cyclone Krosa is currently active in the Western Pacific, heading towards the Philippines and southern China. 

Tropical Cyclone Nari

Tropical cylcone Nari hit Vietnam on 14th October 2013, killing at least 5 and causing widespread devastation. Prior to that it made landfall in Aurora province, Philippines on 11th October, causing heavy damage through winds and rain.

Tropical Cyclone Fitow

Cyclone Fitow made landfall in the Zhejiang province of China on 7th October 2013, killing at least 5 and causing severe damage to property through floods and high winds. 

It was initiated as an eSurge Live event in response to this GDACS alert. The actual storm surge height is not available.