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Cyclone Krosa (2013)

Cyclone Krosa is currently active in the Western Pacific, heading towards the Philippines and southern China. 

Typhoon Ewiniar (2006)

Typhoon Ewiniar caused severe damage and flooding to China, Korea and Japan in 2006. 

Meteorological history

Typhoon Maemi (2003)

Typhoon Maemi was a powerful typhoon which struck south Korea on 12th September 2003, killing over 110 people and causing $4.1 billion damage, largely due to the high storm surge. 

Meteorological history

Typhoon Rusa (2002)

Typhoon Rusa (22 Aug - 3 Sept 2002) was a powerful typhoon which affected South Korea and parts of Japan, causing a storm surge on landfall in Korea. 

Meteorological history