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Atlantic coast

Windstorm Xynthia (2010)

Windstorm (or Cyclone) Xynthia was a severe European windstorm which crossed wester Europe between 27 February and 1 March 2010, causing storm surges in the Bay of Biscay and in Brittany.

Meteorological history

Storm Johanna (2008)

Windstorm Johanna hit the Atlantic coast on 10 March 2008, causing damage in the UK and northern France. A sigificant storm surge was recorded in the Iroise sea, France.

Meteorological history

Johanna was one of a cluster of wind storms in March 2008, the others being Kirsten and Emma.

Storm surge and aftermath

Irish coast (December 2005)

Irish coast floods, December 2005. To be written.

Meteorological history

Storm surge and aftermath

Satellite and in-situ data

Links and resources

Irish coast & Scottish Hebrides (January 2005)

Irish coastal flooding during January 2005; storm surge caused by a low which tracked NW of Ireland and into Scottish waters on the 11th and 12th January 2005.

This was part of a series of storms which hit the UK and Ireland during this month; See also the description of to this Atlantic Depression storm.

Atlantic storm (2005)

A severe atlantic storm (Windstorm Gero) during January 2005 which caused a storm surge and exceptionally high waves in the Outer Hebrides, leading to severe damage and the loss of five lives. 

Meteorological history.

South East Ireland (2004)

Flooding in southern and south-eastern Ireland, especially in Cork and Waterford cities, during an exceptionally deep depression which occurred off the south coast of ireland during and after 27th/28th October 2004.

Meteorological history.