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Irish sea

Storm Abigail

Initiated in response to a storm warning by the Irish Met Agency (Met Eireann). Whilst the storm is not forecast to make a landfall coinciding with high tide, the storm is nevertheless expected to contain a surge impacting on Irelands Western Coastline, with the SEV initiated for research purposes.

Irish coastal surge warning 22nd Feb. 2015

Initiated in response to multiple warnings issues by some of Ireland's coastal local authorities regarding coastal flooding and "high tides".

Surge in Irish Sea

eSurge Live event, initiated in response to a forecast by the NTSLF storm surge model of a 2m surge in the Irish sea. Due to the surge hitting at low tide, no significant inundation is expected.

Data for this event are available in the eSurge database.

Coastal Ireland Storm Surge Event - 6th Jan. 2014

This SEV was initiated following reports of coastal flooding due to exceptionally high tides occurring in Cork City and Galway county, indications of exceptionally high seas affecting Europ

Christmas Series of Surges Ireland & UK

This event was raised in response to this warning from Cork City Council. Satellite data for this event will be made available through the eSurge database.

St Jude's storm, October 2013

The St Jude's day storm was a powerful storm affecting the UK and other parts of Europe in late October 2013. It caused a surge of order 1m across much of the UK south coast and in the North Sea, though since it hit at a time of low tide there was little coastal flooding as a result.

Dublin floods (2002)

Severe flooding in Dublin due to a combination of high tide and a storm surge. The resulting high water was over 1m higher than expected.

Meteorological history

Triple storm event (2007)

A complex triple storm event over the North sea between 16 and 21 January 2007, causing severe weather in the Netherlands and a storm surge in the Irish sea.


Meteorological history.