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European coasts

St Jude (North Sea)

"St Jude's storm" was an atlantic storm that hit the UK in October 2013, causing a surge both on the UK coast, and subsequently in the North Sea. Click here for more details.

St Jude's storm, October 2013

The St Jude's day storm was a powerful storm affecting the UK and other parts of Europe in late October 2013. It caused a surge of order 1m across much of the UK south coast and in the North Sea, though since it hit at a time of low tide there was little coastal flooding as a result.

South East Ireland

This event was raised in response to this warning from Cork City Council.

Satellite data for this event will be made available through the eSurge database.

North Sea surge 10/10/13

This event was initiated in response to an Environment Agency flood alert, forecasting a 0.82m storm surge together with a tide of 2.78m. (The EA do not archive their alerts, but details can be seen here.

North Sea Flood (1953)

The 1953 North sea floods were the worst natural disaster in Europe in modern times. A rapidly moving low pressure system caused a strong storm surge - the largest ever recorded on the UK east coast - which killed over 2100 in the Netherlands, UK and elsewhere along the North Sea coast.

Windstorm Xynthia (2010)

Windstorm (or Cyclone) Xynthia was a severe European windstorm which crossed wester Europe between 27 February and 1 March 2010, causing storm surges in the Bay of Biscay and in Brittany.

Meteorological history

Western Mediterranean (2010)

Unnamed storm in NW Mediterranean, 17-19 Feb 2010, an example of a cyclogenesis event.

Meteorological history

Western Black Sea (2010)

Storm surge in the western Black Sea, March 2010.

Meteorological history

Dublin floods (2002)

Severe flooding in Dublin due to a combination of high tide and a storm surge. The resulting high water was over 1m higher than expected.

Meteorological history

Storm Johanna (2008)

Windstorm Johanna hit the Atlantic coast on 10 March 2008, causing damage in the UK and northern France. A sigificant storm surge was recorded in the Iroise sea, France.

Meteorological history

Johanna was one of a cluster of wind storms in March 2008, the others being Kirsten and Emma.

Storm surge and aftermath