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European coasts

North sea wave event (1993)

Significant wave event in southern North sea caused by a westerly flow over southern Ireland: See the KNMI stormlist website for maps and more details.

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Meteorological history.

Winter Storm Undine (1991)

Winter storm Undine was one of the costliest European winter storms, particularly affecting the UK, Ireland and northern Germany. It has been noted amongst the top ten storms in terms of financial cost to impact Western Europe in the 1990’s, alongside being recorded as being accompanied by a storm surge.

Meteorological history.

South East Ireland (2004)

Flooding in southern and south-eastern Ireland, especially in Cork and Waterford cities, during an exceptionally deep depression which occurred off the south coast of ireland during and after 27th/28th October 2004.

Meteorological history.

North sea surge (2007)

The storm surge of November 2007 was the highest surge in the North sea for 20 years. At one stage it was feared that the surge would be similar to the catastrophic 1953 floods, though fortunately the storm moderated and this worst case scenario failed to materialise.

Meteorological history