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Indian Ocean

Cyclone Bejisa (Indian Ocean)

Raised in response to this GDACS alert.

Tropical Cyclone Lehar

Initiated in response to this GDACS alert.

Data will be made available in the eSurge database.

Tropical Cyclone Phailin

Tropical Cylone Phailin occurred in the Bay of Bengal in October 2013. It made landfall late on Saturday 12th October 2013, in the Indian states of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.

Tropical Storm Mahasen (2013)

Tropical storm Mahasen made landfall in Southern Bangladesh on 16th May 2013. Before landfall significant storm surge was predicted and warnings were issued, however in the event only a small surge materialised. Significant damage, and at least 13 fatalities, were nevertheless caused by winds and rain induced flooding.

Meteorological History

Tropical cyclone Phet (2010)

Tropical cyclone Phet occurred in the Arabian sea in June 2010, making landfall in Oman then in Pakistan. 

Meteorological history

Tropical Cyclone Yemyin (2007)

Tropical cyclone Yemyin (June 2007) was a deadly cyclone affecting both India and Pakistan. Thousands were left homeless and many killed as Yemyin hit with winds of up to 130km/hr and storm surges across the Baluchistan coast.

Meteorological history

Tropical cyclone 01a (2001)

Tropical cyclone 01A (May 2001) was the second-strongest tropical cyclone to form in the Arabian sea.

Meteorological history

To be written.

Storm surge and aftermath

To be written

Satellite and in-situ data

A link to the eSurge database will be provided when available

Tropical cyclone 02A (1999)

Tropical cyclone 02A (May 1999) caused extensive devastation in Pakistan.

Meteorological history

Cyclone Thane (2011)

Cyclone Thane was a very severe cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal. It made landfall on the Puducherry coast on the morning of 30th December 2011, causing a storm surge of around 1m along the low lying coastal areas of Cuddalore, Puducherry and Villuparam districts.

Meteorological history.

Cyclone Aila (2009)

Severe Cyclonic Storm Aila hit the west Bengal coast at 88E, west of the Bangladesh border, on 25th May 2009. It caused a storm surge of 2-3m above tide levels along the west Bengal and Bangladesh coasts, with severe devastation to these areas.

Meteorological history.