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Arabian sea

Tropical cyclone Phet (2010)

Tropical cyclone Phet occurred in the Arabian sea in June 2010, making landfall in Oman then in Pakistan. 

Meteorological history

Tropical Cyclone Yemyin (2007)

Tropical cyclone Yemyin (June 2007) was a deadly cyclone affecting both India and Pakistan. Thousands were left homeless and many killed as Yemyin hit with winds of up to 130km/hr and storm surges across the Baluchistan coast.

Meteorological history

Tropical cyclone 01a (2001)

Tropical cyclone 01A (May 2001) was the second-strongest tropical cyclone to form in the Arabian sea.

Meteorological history

To be written.

Storm surge and aftermath

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Satellite and in-situ data

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Tropical cyclone 02A (1999)

Tropical cyclone 02A (May 1999) caused extensive devastation in Pakistan.

Meteorological history