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Tropical Cyclone Ingrid (2005)

Severe Tropical Cyclone Ingrid was a small but intense cyclone which impacted the Queensland, Northern territory and Western Australia coastlines in March 2005. 

Meteorological History

Irish coast (December 2005)

Irish coast floods, December 2005. To be written.

Meteorological history

Storm surge and aftermath

Satellite and in-situ data

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Irish coast & Scottish Hebrides (January 2005)

Irish coastal flooding during January 2005; storm surge caused by a low which tracked NW of Ireland and into Scottish waters on the 11th and 12th January 2005.

This was part of a series of storms which hit the UK and Ireland during this month; See also the description of to this Atlantic Depression storm.

Atlantic storm (2005)

A severe atlantic storm (Windstorm Gero) during January 2005 which caused a storm surge and exceptionally high waves in the Outer Hebrides, leading to severe damage and the loss of five lives. 

Meteorological history.

Winter Storm Gudrun (2005)

Winter storm Gudrun, also known as winter storm Erwin, was one of the most damaging European storms. It caused a significant surge, including a new high level record in several places in the Baltic sea.

Meteorological history.

Hurricane Katrina (2005)

Hurricane Katrina was one of the strongest storms to impact the US in the last century, with winds at landfall of up to 125mph and a low central pressure. It caused widespread devastation to the US gulf coast, with widespread flooding due to a combination of storm surge, heavy rainfall and levee failures. 

Meteorological history