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Typhoon Durian (2006)

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Typhoon Xangsane 2006

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Tropical Cyclone Larry (2006)

Severe tropical cyclone Larry hit Queensland, Australia, on 20th March 2006, with severe damage to property and infrastructure due to winds and flooding, through fortunately no lives were lost.

Meteorological history

Typhoon Ewiniar (2006)

Typhoon Ewiniar caused severe damage and flooding to China, Korea and Japan in 2006. 

Meteorological history

Winter storm Britta (2006)

Winter storm Britta was a major storm in the North sea during early November 2006, affecting countries around the North and Baltic seas. It caused a surge record in Delfzijl, Netherlands, and a 100-year event in the Southern Kattegat.

Meteorological history.