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Hurricane Felix 2007

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Tropical Cyclone Yemyin (2007)

Tropical cyclone Yemyin (June 2007) was a deadly cyclone affecting both India and Pakistan. Thousands were left homeless and many killed as Yemyin hit with winds of up to 130km/hr and storm surges across the Baluchistan coast.

Meteorological history

Triple storm event (2007)

A complex triple storm event over the North sea between 16 and 21 January 2007, causing severe weather in the Netherlands and a storm surge in the Irish sea.


Meteorological history.

Cyclone Sidr (2007)

Tropical cyclone Sidr was a category 5 cyclone which made landfall in Bangladesh on November 15 2007, causing a storm surge of up to 5m across much of the country. It was one of the worst natural disasters to occur in Bangladesh, with estimates of up to 10,000 deaths. 

Meteorological history

North sea surge (2007)

The storm surge of November 2007 was the highest surge in the North sea for 20 years. At one stage it was feared that the surge would be similar to the catastrophic 1953 floods, though fortunately the storm moderated and this worst case scenario failed to materialise.

Meteorological history