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Windstorm Xynthia (2010)

Windstorm (or Cyclone) Xynthia was a severe European windstorm which crossed wester Europe between 27 February and 1 March 2010, causing storm surges in the Bay of Biscay and in Brittany.

Meteorological history

Tropical cyclone Phet (2010)

Tropical cyclone Phet occurred in the Arabian sea in June 2010, making landfall in Oman then in Pakistan. 

Meteorological history

Western Mediterranean (2010)

Unnamed storm in NW Mediterranean, 17-19 Feb 2010, an example of a cyclogenesis event.

Meteorological history

Western Black Sea (2010)

Storm surge in the western Black Sea, March 2010.

Meteorological history

North sea surge (2010)

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(Event of 11/10/10 identified by RWS Zeeland.)

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Meteorological history.

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Storm surge and aftermath.

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Satellite and in-situ data.

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