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Tropical Cyclone Yasi (2011)

Tropical cyclone Yasi hit the coast of Queensland, Australia, on 3rd February 2011, one of the most powerful cyclones to hit this region since records began. It caused a storm tide of up to 5m as well as devastation due to high winds.

Meteorological history

Unnamed November storm (2011)

A combination of spring tides and storm force winds caused flooding along the east coast of the UK in this unnamed November storm. 

Meteorological history

To be written.

Storm surge and aftermath

Flooding was reported along the UK east coats on the nght of 27th November 2011, including Whitby, the Humber and Norfolk. 

Northeast storm (2011)

An unusual summer (July) Northeast storm, interesting because it occurred during an assessment period for the SWAN model

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Meteorological history.

The storm occurred 14/7/11. To be written.

Storm surge and aftermath.

Cyclone Thane (2011)

Cyclone Thane was a very severe cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal. It made landfall on the Puducherry coast on the morning of 30th December 2011, causing a storm surge of around 1m along the low lying coastal areas of Cuddalore, Puducherry and Villuparam districts.

Meteorological history.