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Winter storm Ulli (2012)

Winter storm, or cyclone, Ulli (called Emil in Norway) was a severe windstorm affecting many parts of Europe in early January 2002. As well as damage due to high winds, Ulli caused flooding and high winds across the southern North sea.

Meteorological history.

Hurricane Isaac (2012)

Hurricane Isaac caused severe damage to Hiati and the US Gulf Coast in August 2012, affecting many areas previously damed by Katrina in 2005. A storm surge of 3.5m was recorded in Shell Beach, Louisiana.

Meteorological history.

Hurricane Sandy (2012)

Hurricane Sandy was a severe late-season tropical storm which caused devastation across the Carribean and the United States in October 2012, with preliminary estimates of up to $50bn damage caused. The storm caused a major storm surge affecting many parts of the US east coast, with New York in particular being badly hit by a record surge of over 4m.