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'Weather bomb' storm in UK and Ireland (9th Dec. 2014)

This SEV was initiated in response to a severe weather warning issued by Ireland's national forecasting service Met Eireann for Ireland's Northwestern coastline.

Bora-driven flooding in Cesenatico

Bora-driven surge event on the Adriatic coast, very unusual for this region.

RAMMASUN-14 (China)

Se the GDACS event page for more details.

This cyclone also triggered a surge event in the Philippines.

Cyclone NEOGURI-14

Atlantic Spring Storm (2014)

Spring storm which hit Canada's Atlantic Coast in late March 2014. Initiated as an eSurge Live event as a result of news reports (e.g. here and here) which forecast a storm surge around Halifax.


Storm "Christine" on Atlantic Coast (2014)

Initiated in response to coastal alerts raised via meteoalarm for 3/3/14. This is mainly affecting the French and Spanish atlantic coasts, but surges were also forecast for Scotland. Parts of Ireland (e.g. Cork) also flooded, even though they were not directly impacted by the storm. 

Surge in Irish Sea

eSurge Live event, initiated in response to a forecast by the NTSLF storm surge model of a 2m surge in the Irish sea. Due to the surge hitting at low tide, no significant inundation is expected.

Data for this event are available in the eSurge database.

St. Brigid's Day Storm, Strike Four, Storm Darwin, and more...

This extended SEV (Storm Surge Event) covers a number of sequential storms striking the coasts of Ireland and the United Kingdom between early to mid February, 2014. Two of the storms have coincided with Spring tides, causing flooding in many Irish cities, and coastal areas of the United Kingdom.

UK Spring Tide February 2014

This event has been initiated to cover flooding around the North Sea as a result of a high spring tide, high waves and storms.

The main storm surges are expected to occur around the Atlantic coast: see this SEV for data.

For more information see: