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Storm Abigail

Initiated in response to a storm warning by the Irish Met Agency (Met Eireann). Whilst the storm is not forecast to make a landfall coinciding with high tide, the storm is nevertheless expected to contain a surge impacting on Irelands Western Coastline, with the SEV initiated for research purposes.

Irish coastal surge warning 22nd Feb. 2015

Initiated in response to multiple warnings issues by some of Ireland's coastal local authorities regarding coastal flooding and "high tides".

Storm Juno

See e.g. this news report.

Wild ocean conditions at Boston at the end of a long fetch of storm force winds (from Ascat).

High energy waves at Boston (buoy 44013) Hsig 8.3m Peak Period 14 seconds and storm surge to 1 metre at inshore buoy . 

Forecast surge in North Sea (Jan-15)

eSurge Live event, initiated 6/1/15 in response to a surge predicted for 10/1/15 by the Danish surge model (, as shown in the images below.