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Christmas Series of Surges Ireland & UK

This event was raised in response to this warning from Cork City Council. Satellite data for this event will be made available through the eSurge database. Over the subsequent weeks, a series of windstorms tracked over or next to the coasts of Ireland and the United Kingdom. These led to two weeks of coastal flooding warnings, and damage on all Irish coasts, and the UK west coast. the cities of Dublin, Cork, Waterford and Galway experienced tidal flooding, whilst coastal and island communities experienced severe damage to coastal infrastructure and communications.

The run of surges culminated in what the media dubbed "Storm Christine", the most prolonged storm to affect Irish coasts since the 1990's. For three days, a combination of storm surges and high seas impacted all Irish coastlines and those of Southwest and the Western United Kingdom, overwhelming or destroying long established coastal defences and infrastructure in many cases.

Cork city and county flooded following high tide: Read news report from RTÉ.

Flooding hits Cork, Galway and Waterford: Read news report from BBC.

Major clean-up operation after overnight storms: Read news report from RTÉ.

Major clean-up operation across Ireland to coastal towns and defences: Read news report from the Irish Independant newspaper.

A series of storms over the christmas period spark coastal flooding and tidal flooding alerts on Ireland's coastlines. Read news report from the Irish Independant newspaper.

Coastal flooding alerts remain in place as another in a string of storms approaches Ireland's west coast. Read news report from the Irish Examiner newspaper.

Abnormally high tides allow high seas to overtop/destroy coastal defences and damage inland properties in Lahinch. Read news report from the Irish Times newspaper

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