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Coastal Altimetry with Cryosat SAR data

At last week's Cryosat 3rd User Workshop, in Dresden, Germany, Paolo Cipollini of NOC gave a presentation on Coastal Altimetry and eSurge.

Although Cryosat is mainly designed for studying ice in the arctic regions, it also gives SAR altimetry measurements over the ocean. SAR altimetry is expected to have especially good performance in coastal zones, when combined with recently developed coastal altimetry techniques. Cryosat's Geographical Mode mask has been modified specifically to ensure the right kind of data is available for eSurge (see this news story from 2012).

A particular challenge will be in utilising the Near-Real Time SAR data from Cryosat; this will be attempted by the eSurge-Live service from mid-2013. If successful, this will pave the way for similar services from Sentinel-3.

More information can be found in Paolo's presentation slides which are available here. A list of other conferences that we will be attending is available here.

More information about coastal altimetry in general, and why it is needed, can be found on the COASTALT website.