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Cyclone Aila (2009)

Severe Cyclonic Storm Aila hit the west Bengal coast at 88E, west of the Bangladesh border, on 25th May 2009. It caused a storm surge of 2-3m above tide levels along the west Bengal and Bangladesh coasts, with severe devastation to these areas.

Meteorological history.

Aila was the second tropical cyclone of the 2009 season. It formed as a tropical depression 950km south of Kolkata on 21st May. It intensified over the next few days while moving northwards, becoming classified as a severe cyclonic storm early on 25th May. It made landfall a few hours later while at its peak intensity.

More information about the meteorological history can be found in this report on Aila from the Indian Meteorological Department.

Storm surge and aftermath

A storm surge of 2-3 m above tide levels was experienced along the coasts of West Bengal and the adjoining areas of Bangladesh. This was in line with forecasts made ~19 hrs before landfall.

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Satellite and in-situ data

Data for Aila is available in the eSurge database.

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