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Cyclone Usagi

Typhoon Usagi (*) - the most powerful storm of 2013 so far - hit the chinese coast on 22/9/2013. Although initially forecast to hit Hong Kong, the city was mostly spared by a last minute change of direction, but other parts of the chinese coast were badly hit.

At time of writing (23/9/13) it is not clear what the actual storm surge was.

The storm passed between Taiwan and Philippines on 20-21 September, causing widespread devastation and the loss of at least 2 lives, then hit the chinese coast on Sunday 22nd September. It was forecast to be the worst storm to hit since Typhoon "Hope" in 1979. 

A significant storm surge, possibly exceeding 2m, was predicted in Hong Kong and other parts of the Chinese coastline (see here), possibly impacting at a time of high astronomical tide. However it is not currently clear what the actual surge was.

Satellite data for this event are available through the eSurge database.

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(*) In the Philippines this typhoone is known as "Odette".

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