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eSurge Data Access

Surge Events (SEVs) are grouped according to the Area of Interest to which they are associated. Click on an area to see all related SEVS.

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(AOI boundaries are approximate.)

You can also search for SEVs by data type. Not all SEVs contain all data types; please contact us if you would like something added.

For help with the database, you might like to consult:

For the data itself, Data Product Handbooks are available for each product type.

Finally, you are always welcome to contact us for help.

Definition of the eSurge Areas of Interest

The table below lists the AOI for the eSurge database. For details of how surges are allocated to an AOI, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

AOI IDGeneral AreaBoundaries
AOI_010North sea47°N – 62°N, 12°W – 12°E
AOI_020NE Atlantic Ocean40°N – 60°N, 20°W – 3°E
AOI_030Irish Sea50°N – 56°N, 7°W – 2°W
AOI_040Venice Lagoon and Adriatic Sea39°N – 46°N, 11°E – 21°E
AOI_050Baltic Sea52°N – 67°N, 8°E – 29°E
AOI_060Black Sea40°N – 47°N, 27°E – 42°E
AOI_070Mediterranean Sea27°N – 47°N, 9°W – 37°E
AOI_080West Indian Coast and Arabian Sea0°N – 25°N, 50°E – 80°E
AOI_090Bay of Bengal0°N – 25°N, 80°E – 100°E
AOI_100Thailand and Malaysia0°N – 16°N, 95°E – 108°E
AOI_110North-East Australia25°S – 10°S, 135°E – 165°E
AOI_120Gulf of Mexico17°N – 33°N, 101°W – 74°W
AOI_130Yellow and South China Seas7°N – 40°N, 105°E – 130°E
AOI_140East Coast USA33°N – 43°N, 79°W – 70°W
AOI_150Mexico Pacific Coast9°N – 23°N, 119°W – 83°W
AOI_160Africa East Coast40°S – 7°N, 25°E – 55°E
AOI_170Mauritius21°S – 10°S, 55°E – 90°E
AOI_180Philippines5°N – 20°N, 120°E – 135°E
AOI_190Gulf of St Lawrence42°N – 50°N, 72°W – 50°W