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Data for Mahasen now available.

Data for tropical storm Mahasen are now available in the eSurge database. Mahasen made landfall in Bangladesh earlier this month (16th May). Although it had been expected to cause a significant storm surge, it eventually made landfall at low tide, so there was no significant surge-induced flooding. More information on the event can be found on our  Mahasen wiki page.

We intend to add more events as they occur, eventually including them in near real time. More information on the NRT service will be made available shortly.

In the meantime please contact us if you have any events that you would like to add to the database, either recent or historical. This applies even if your event is not in one of our areas of interest, as we are happy to add more AOI if users are interested. We are already planning to add a new AOI to cover the US east coast.