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Discontinuation of OSCAT services

Unfortunately ISRO have today announced the discontinuation of services from the Oceansat-2 Scatterometer (OSCAT). The OSCAT data dissemination had already been turned off since 24th February 2014, due to severe degradation of the data. However it should be noted that the instrument was close to its intended 5-year mission time.

This instrument was ISRO's first active microwave payload, which provided meteorological services to international users such as EUMETSAT and NOAA. It provided accurate information on storms during natural disasters, including the image of Cyclone Haiyan shown right.
Historic OSCAT data is available for many storm surges in the eSurge database, and so will continue to be a valuable tool for studying storms and the build up to storm surges. eSurge would like to thanks ISRO for making this data available to us via OSI-SAF.
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