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Dublin floods (2002)

Severe flooding in Dublin due to a combination of high tide and a storm surge. The resulting high water was over 1m higher than expected.

Meteorological history

February 2002 was a very unsettled month, with several storms bringing rain and gales. A depression of 930hPa passed to the NW of Ireland on the 1st February, bringing southwesterly gales. Seiche conditions were created in Dublin bay. This coincided with an exceptionally high tide, bringing flooding to many parts of Ireland, whilst impacting acutely on the port areas and coastal residences of Dublin city.

Storm surge and aftermath

Floods were recorded all around Ireland, however the worst affected area was Dublin city where extensive flooding occured. A tide of approximately a half metre higher than the previously recorded highest tide (which was in 1924) entered Dublin port and proceeded to overtop or breach sea defenses protecting Dublin Ports East Wall and North Wall, and Dublin City's Ringsend areas.

Satellite and in-situ data

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