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eSurge Live

eSurge Live is our demonstration service, showing the feasibility of providing data on current events to users in time for it to be taken into account in models and forecasts.

Data is provided exactly as for other surge events, through the data access page, but with new data being added as it becomes available. Not all data are available for all events, and different data sets will have different availability times. 

Triggering criteria

eSurge Live operates around the European coasts and in the North Indian Ocean. Within these areas, eSurge Live will be activated:

  1. When a key user (i.e. one within the relveant storm surge forecasting service) requests an event on the basis of forecast weather conditions.
  2. When there is a tropical cyclone alert from GDACS which has
    • either a storm surge flag of yellow or red
    • or a storm surge flag of green but a predicted surge of over 0.4 m (TBC). This is to allow for events which are forecast to cause no flooding (e.g. due to a low tide) but which may nevertheless be of interest to study.
  3. When an ad-hoc event is raised (see below).

In addition, ad-hoc events may be initiated by the project team at their discretion, or at the request of ESA, including for areas outside the core operating areas. This allows us to include events which may be of high interest, even if they fall outside the above criteria. For events outside the core areas not all data may be available.

What happens when eSurge Live is activated?

Once eSurge Live has triggered, the following will happen:

  1. A SEV will be created in the eSurge database, and a wiki page added.
  2. The event will be highlighted on the website front page.
  3. Data will be added to the SEV's page as it becomes available, and visualised automatically.

At the moment there is no automatic notification that eSurge Live is active, however this may be added in the future. Ad-hoc notifications may be sent to the mailing list.

Once the event has passed, it will stay in the database as a historic event, with any new data being added subsequently.

How to request an eSurge Live event to be triggered.

If you would like to become a key user (one who can trigger events), please contact us

If you are aware of an event occurring that does not seem to be captured, again please contact us. (For speed it may be better to contact the project manager directly on