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eSurge Live event: Cyclone Soulik

GDACS have issued a red alert for Cyclone Soulik in the NW Pacific. The JRC storm surge model has been run, and is predicting a 2m storm surge on the chinese coast on 12/13th July.

We are therefore activating the eSurge Live service to gather data for this event. This data is freely available to all users, and can be accessed through our database here. We have also created a wiki page for this event. 

The figure on the right shows an example of the data we are making available; in this case the ASCAT L2 product at 12.5km resolution.

Since this is the first time that we have run the eSurge Live service for a real event, we would appreciate any feedback about the service and how it could be improved.

We will be operating the eSurge Live service for future events when a storm surge is predicted, so feedback on this event would be greatly appreciated,