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eSurge provides an online storm surge training course. 

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The Storm Surge Network exists to support collaboration between researchers. Join our LinkedIn group to participate in discussions. 


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eSurge website is now live.

The eSurge website is now online at This gives some background to the project and the consortium, as well as news updates, documentation and more. 

The website contents will expand over time, so please keep checking back. In the coming months we will be reporting on the outcome of our user consultation exercise, finalising the requirements baseline for the project database, and giving details of the first User Consultation Meeting in April 2012, as well as providing regular news bulletins. 

Ultimately, sometime in the second half of 2012, the website will be used to make satellite storm surge data available through our SEARS database.

We would welcome feedback on the website and its contents; you can contact us here.