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Storm Surge Forecasts and Alerts

The eSurge project does not forecast or predict storm surges; we merely make data available once we are aware of a predicted surge.

Each country has its own protocols for issuing storm surge warnings. We list below some of the surge warning services that we are aware of, however this is provided for information and does not imply that we endorse their results.


As part of the GDACS service, the JRC storm surge model is run whenever a tropical cyclone of sufficient size is active.  

The WMO Severe Weather Information Centre makes available alerts from participating states. Within Europe, Meteo Alarm lists weather alerts (including coastal events).

Other site make available warnings of storms, which may lead to surges. The US National Hurricane Centre provides warnings for several areas.

TSR provides storm alerts, but without a surge prediction.


DMI's website gives predictions of several ocean parameters including sea level (tide plus surge).


Weather alerts are issued by MeteoFrance.

Ireland (Republic)

Weather alerts are issued by Met Eireann.

Flood alerts are the responsibility of the OPW: see their flood maps page.


Weather warnings come from KNMI, with high water alerts done in collaboration with the Rijkswaterstaat who run the flood defences.


Weather alerts are issued by PAGASA.

United Kingdom

Within the UK, flood alerts are issued by the Environment Agency: see their 3-day flood forecast. (Includes all sources of flooding.)

The UK NTSLF makes its surge forecasts publically available.

United States of America

General weather alerts are issued by the National Weather Service. Hurricane advisories are issued by the NHC

NOAA/NWS Probabalistic Storm Surge Model.

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