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Storm Surge Networking Forum 2013

The Storm Surge Network Forum was held at ISMAR, Venice, on 18-20 November 2013. The meeting was jointly organised by the eSurge and eSurge Venice projects, with support from ESA, WMO and others.

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The final report from this workshop is available here.



Programme and Presentations:

Day 1: Monday 18th November

Session 1: Overview

Introduction and practical details Phillip Harwood, CGI Not available
Welcome address Georg Umgiesser, ISMAR Slides
ESA’s Data User Element Programme Craig Donlon, ESA Slides
The eSurge project Phillip Harwood, CGI Slides
The eSurge Venice project Stefano Zecchetto, ISAC-CNR Slides
The WMO’s role in storm surge forecasting and capacity building Boram Lee, WMO Slides
GDACS and the JRC storm surge model Alessandro Annunziato, JRC Slides


Session 2: Storm Surges in Venice and the Adriatic

Storm surges in Venice; an overview Prof. Alberto Tomasin, Univ. Venezia (rtd) Slides
A climate plan for the city of Venice Simone Tola, Comune di Venezia Slides
The MOSE Storm Surge Barrier Giovanni Cecconi, MOSE Consorzio Not available
The Port of Venice Paolo Menegazzo, Port of Venice Slides
Coastal flooding in Slovenia Maja Jeromel, Slovenia Environmental Agency Slides
Processes contributing to the coastal flood of 1 December 2008 Mirko Orlic, Univ. Zagred Slides
Storm surge forecast activities of ISPRA in the northern Adriatic Sea Marco Cordella, ISPRA Slides
Discussion: needs of forecasters in the Adriatic Sea  Stefano Zecchetto, ISAC-CNR Meeting report


Day 2: Tuesday 19th November

Session 3: Storm Surge Prediction and Forecasting

Data needs for coastal risk management Mark Lawless, JBA consulting Not available
The Wave4Us project: integrated system for coastal warnings in Greece Yannis Krestenitis, Aristotle University Slides
The Uk Flood Forecasting Centre Dave Cox, UK FFC Slides
Storm Surge Services in The Netherlands Martin Verlaan, Deltares Slides


Session 4: New Types of Satellite Data

Application of coastal altimetry to storm surges Paolo Cipollini, NOC Slides
The eSurge coastal altimetry processor Luke West, NOC Slides
Validation of coastal altimetry in the Adriatic Stefano Vignudelli, CNR Slides
Data assimilation into DMI's storm surge model Jacob Hoyer, DMI Slides


Session 5: Using Satellite Data in Models and Forecasts

Enhancing storm surge forecasting capability for the North Indian Ocean Kevin Horsburgh, NOC Slides
Application of satellite data to coastal protection on the northern coast of Cuba Eugenio Carratelli, Univ. Salerno, on behalf of Prof. Luis Cordova, CUJAE Slides
Storm surge modelling in Venice and the Mediterranean Marco Bajo, ISMAR Slides
Observations of extreme met-ocean conditions from Envisat ASAR and Copernicus optical parameters Andrea Taramelli, ISPRA Slides


Session 6: Further Applications of Satellite Data

Scatterometer wind services in Europe Ad Stoffelen, KNMI Slides
Modelled and observed winds in the Adriatic Sea Stefano Zecchetto and Francesco di Biasio, ISAC-CNR Slides
Discussion: how can modellers and forecasters best use the available satellite data, and what does the satellite community need to do to support this. Led by Kevin Horsburgh, NOC Meeting report


Day 3: Wednesday 20th November

Session 7: Needs of the Storm Surge Community

The eSurge training programme Rory Scarrott, CMRC Slides
Discussion: What training and capacity building is needed worldwide? led by Rory Scarrott, CMRC Meeting report
Wrap up and Conclusions Phillip Harwood, CGI Meeting report


This was the second event organised by the eSurge project, following the successful Workshop on Satellite Data for Storm Surge Modelling and Forecasting held in Copenhagen in September 2012. Upcoming events of interest are listed on our conferences page.