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Help the eSurge project to identify surge events

As part of the ongoing eSurge definition work, we are trying to refine the list of surge events (SEVs) that will be included in the eSurge database. 

Our main criteria for including a surge event is that the data will be useful to the storm surge community. We are therefore asking all our users to help us identify the surge events that they would like to see satellite data for.

Additional criteria for selecting SEVs are:

  • There should be significant satellite data available for the event. This mainly means events from 1991 onwards, though some earlier events may be included.
  • In order to focus the project, we are concentrating on providing data for a small number of areas of interest, although we hope to be able to cover more areas in future. 

With this in mind, we we would be grateful if you could review our current list of events (which can be found here), and let us know of any events that you would like added to the list.