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Highest North sea surge for 60 years

Yesterday's storm surge in the North Sea has been confirmed as the largest surge to hit the region since the 1953 floods. 

In the UK, flooding has been seen across the east coast, with 400 homes flooded near Hull and over 9,000 homes evacuated in Norfolk. Away from the North sea, coastal flooding was also seen in Wales and Northern Ireland. 

However the damage was far less than in 1953, proving the value of the flood defences constructed since.

In The Netherlands, storm barriers have been closed and high alerts raised for the North of the country. See  the Rijkswaterstaat website for data on water levels.

The surge is expected to affect Germany and Denmark later on Friday. Further flooding in the UK may also occur at a later high tide.

The figure below, from the NTSLF, shows the magnitude of the surge against astronomical tides, in this case for Lowestoft.

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