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More Winter Storms in UK, Ireland and France

The European atlantic coast is experiencing further severe weather, including storm surges.

In Ireland, high tides, a burst river and a 1m storm surge caused severe flooding in Cork city centre, with some areas waist deep in water. This is the fourth time in 4 weeks that the city centre has been flooded. Other parts of Ireland have also been affected by coastal and rivering floods, with further warnings in place for Wednesday and beyond. 

South-western England has been experiencing stormy weather. Although most flooding has been due to heavy rain, strong winds have also caused surges and high waves, with some rail services suspended after a sea wall collapsed.

Heavy waves have also been reported on the French Atlantic coast, with 25,000 being left without power in Brittany due to the storm.

These storms follow a prolonged period of winter storms in December and January, with severe damage across the UK and Ireland.

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