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New areas and surge events for August

During August, eSurge will add new areas of interest (AOI) to our database.

Before adding these areas, we would like to seek feedback from our users. Please let us know if you would like to see these modified, e.g. to include a wider area.

Feedback can be sent to us either through the contact form, or by joining the discussion on the LinkedIn group.

As always, we encourage users to send us events that they would like to see added, either to these areas or to an existing AOI.

We are happy to add more areas in the future if requested by users.

New areas and events
Area name Geographical Bounds Events to include
East Coast USA 33o to 43o N, 79o to 70W

Sandy, 2012.

Perfect storm, 2009

Mexico Pacific Coast 9o to 23o N, 119o to 83.5W

Jova, 2011.

Jimena, 2009. 

Philippines 5o to 20o N, 120o to 135o E

Marce, 2012

Nesat 2011.

Pedring, 2011.

Megi, 2010.

Africa east coast 40o S to 7o N, 25o to 55E

Mozambique, Jan 2013.

Giovanna 2012.

S. Africa, 11 March 2007.

Gamede 2007.

Indlala 2007.

Mauritius 20.1o to 5o S, 25o to 47E

Gamede 2007.

12-13 May 2007