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Atlantic Storms 13/02/2014 - Present

The ninth of a series of winter systems which tracked over Ireland, bringing Storm Tide flooding to Ireland's southern coastlines and cities, and further into the United Kingdom (image EUMETSAT).

eSurge Live event, initiated 13/2/14 in response to the following warning from the UK Environment Agency (10:30 on 13/2/14):

For the Dorset coastline there is a HIGH flood risk on Friday and Saturday due to a combination of large waves, high tides and gale force onshore winds. Elsewhere along most of the south coast of England, there is a LOW flood risk from coastal flooding on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday only, there is also a LOW flood risk from coastal flooding along the South Wales coastline.

It is expected that other areas of the European Atlantic coast (Ireland and Northern France) will also experience similar flooding.

As of 15:30 on 13/2/14, the NTSLF UK surge model is predicting a surge of order 1m for Plymouth, Weymouth and other parts of the South England coast.

Data for this event are available in the eSurge database.


Surface level windspeeds (red = high) as the low pressure feature moves ashore over the Southwest coast of Ireland (Image Earth Wind Map). This system passed over Ireland as recovery efforts were still ongoing after the passage of Storm Darwin.

 Bands of intense winds can be seen circulating into a central low pressure area (red).  (Graphic courtesy of Earth Wind Map)

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