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OSCAT measures the wind from UK storms

During the night of 12th February, the UK experienced its first "red alert" of this winter. Strong winds, with gusts of over 100mph, were recorded across much of the country, with at least one fatality caused. (More from BBC news.) 

(ISRO logo)This image of wind speed, created using scatterometer data from the OSCAT instrument aboard ISRO's Oceansat spacecraft, clearly show the high winds as the storm passes through the Irish Sea. The sea surface winds are measured at 30m/s, or approximately 110 km/hour (65 mph). 

As a result of the storm, a storm surge of around 2m occurred in North West England, around Liverpool and Workington, a few hours after these winds were measured. However since the surge peak coincided with low tide, no major innundation occurred as a result. The figure to the right shows measured (blue) versus nominal (red) sea levels at Liverpool.

These images show an experimental 25km OSCAT product provided by OSI-SAF, via KNMI. Data are shown for two passes, at 1203 and 1341 on 12th February 2014. Raw data are available through the eSurge database.

This storm was one of many to hit the UK and Ireland during the winter of 2013/4, causing widespread flooding from storm surges, heavy rainfall and river overflow.