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eSurge provides an online storm surge training course. 

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About the eSurge project

Storm surges are among the most deadly natural phenomena. Earth Observation (EO) data has an important role to play in their study and forecasting, yet its uptake by modellers and forecasters has been slower than it could have been.

To improve this situation the European Space Agency, through its Data User Element (DUE) programme, has initiated the eSurge project and it given it the objective:

To support storm surge system, their services, engineers and scientists by facilitating the widespread user uptake and application of advanced information products from ESA and other Earth Observation missions.

To do this, the project will:
  • provide easy access to relevant data for a range of historical surge events,
  • look at making data products available in real time during future storm surges,
  • perform a series of experiments to demonstrate the value of this data,
  • run workshops and other events to help build the community, 
  • run training courses to help users make use of the available data.

The full terms of reference for the project can be found in the original user requirements document.

The eSurge database is now available online. We are still adding to the surge events and areas of interest in the database, and encourage users to contact us if they have specific requirements for data or events. 

The eSurge project is undertaken by a consortium of CGI* (UK), NOC (UK), DMI (Denmark), CMRC (Ireland) and KNMI (Netherlands).

(* previously Logica)