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Reprocessed Envisat coastal altimetry data now available

The eSurge project has just released new coastal altimetry data for the Envisat mission. Envisat altimeter tracks have been reprocessed using our new ALES (Adaptive Leading Edge Sub-Waveform) retracker. Data are available for all storm surge events in our database during the lifetime of the Envisat mission (May 2002 to April 2012).

These and other data can be downloaded from the eSurge database. All data are freely available, though we would appreciate users providing feedback as to how they are using this data, and we ask that the eSurge project be credited in any subsequent publications. See the data user handbook for more details. 

To give feedback on the data, or to request new events, please contact us either through the website or at

For more information on ALES, see this poster presented by Marcello Passaro et al. at OSTST 2013.


Left: Coastal altimetry and model hindcast for Event Gudrun in the North Sea.

Right: Coastal altimetry and ASCAT for Hurrican Ike over Cuba.