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Storm Brigid - Irish Coastal Surge Warning

A visualisation of the storms wind fields, as modelled and visualised on the NOAA's Earth Wind Map. Strong southerly winds increase the potential for storm surge generation along Ireland's Southern coastlines and in the Irish sea.

This live event was triggered by the following warning issued within the coastal city of Cork to low-lying businesses and residential areas.

Further warning have been distributed via the Irish national press, see here for example (Irish Examiner (January 30th 2014). In the meantime, the British Press dubbed the system Storm Brigid. #StormBrigid

Reports of coastal flooding and impacts along the Irish coastaline can be found here.

(01/02/2014) A Storm tide (Surge + regular tide level) combines with river flood waters to inundate parts of Limerick City.

(03/02/2014) Storm tides combine with River flood waters to inundate Cork City centre. Meanwhile, storm force winds which had veered to the south caused a storm tide and coastal flooding in coastal towns and villages along Ireland's South and SouthEast coasts.
See here for the RTE News report.

To check out the satellite-derived data being gathered on this event, click here.

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