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The Storm Surge Network exists to support collaboration between researchers. Join our LinkedIn group to participate in discussions. 


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Storm Surge Network

Fostering collaborations, and supporting the development of a vibrant, innovative and active storm-surge research and response community, are key components of the eSurge project's endeavors. We need to further develop our global capacity to understand and respond to storm surges which can threaten our coastal communities and economies. This capacity needs to develop at the local, regional and global level, and incorporate the latest in information gathering technologies such as data feeds from Earth Observation platforms.

To this end, eSurge is sowing the seeds of a Storm Surge Network (SSN), a community of experts, researchers, novices to the field, and coastal stakeholders. The SSN is YOUR forum, to foster collaborations, scope key gaps in storm surge research and understanding, address these gaps with collaborative efforts, bounce ideas off each other, and link with experts, institutes and industries/stakeholders at the recieving end of storm surge impacts.

As an initial step, eSurge have created a LinkedIn Group to provide a forum for stakeholders, researchers and forecasters to engage with each other and set the ball rolling

Your contributions are key to the success of this community. Use the discussion groups to ask questions, look for connections, and foster innovative thinking! If you are a novice to the field of storm surge research, throw a question out there, you would be amazed at the level and depth of knowledge that is available around the globe, and this is your opportunity to link in to it.

In the interim, if you are interested in becoming the foundations of this community, please link in to the Storm Surge Network group on LinkedIn.

As a member of the community, you will be informed of any future measures to enable the Storm Surge Network to grow and develop are put in place. The community is being created for YOU as a stakeholder, as a researcher, as a forecaster, and we look forward to supporting it's development, and shaping our efforts on the basis of your feedback.

A key element of enhancing global information networks on storm surges, is our hosting of a training course in Applying Earth Observation to Storm-surge Modelling & Forecasting. To be linked up with this growing network of specialists and the key individuals who have recieved training in Cork, please email us here.


eSurge is working closely with the  eSurge Venice project, both to supply them with data and to distribute their results. This aims to use advanced satellite data to improve the modelling of data in the Adriatic sea and the Venetian lagoon. The project was presented at the eSurge Workshop in Copenhagen in 2012, and the presentations by Stefano Zecchetto and Marco Bajo give a good overview of the aims and methods.

The Danish Meteorological Institute, one of the eSurge partners, is using the eSurge coastal altimetry data to blend with tide gauges, aiming to create a new product that can be used with models. The comparison with tide gauges will also help to validate the new coastal altimetry products; this was the subject of a poster presented at the "20 years of radar altimetry" symposium in Venice during September 2012 (right).

DMI will work closely with the danish forecasters to investigate how such data can best be used to improve forecasting around Danish waters.

Please let us know if you have an interesting project using eSurge data.