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Storm surge from Tropical Cyclone Haiyan

Tropical Cyclone Haiyan, one of the strongest storms ever recorded, is currently impacting the Philippines. The storm has extremely high winds, up to 215kph. Several fatalities are already reported and more are likely.

(The storm has international name Haiyan, but is called Yolande in the Philippines.)

A major storm surge appears to have occurred in many regions and cities, with a 2m surge reported in Tacloban city (see this video and this report). This is in line with pre-landfall predictions from numerical models.

More information on the surge will be added to our wiki page once available. Satellite data are being made available on the eSurge database.

After leaving the Philippines, Haiyan is expected to continue towards the Vietnamese coast, where further surges are possible.

Images: NOAA IR image; OSCAT winds, 7/11/13 at 1540 GMT.