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Surge in Irish Sea

eSurge Live event, initiated in response to a forecast by the NTSLF storm surge model of a 2m surge in the Irish sea. Due to the surge hitting at low tide, no significant inundation is expected.

Data for this event are available in the eSurge database.

Outside the Irish sea, a smaller surge of ~0.5m was predicted: see this SEV for data.

Update 13/2/14: A surge of approx 2m was indeed registered at Liverpool, however due to its coinciding with low tide there was no resulting flooding.

Update 14/2/14: A graph showing the actual measured water heights in Liverpool against the predicted astronomical tide is shown below. This clearly shows the resulting surge on the 12th, as well as earlier surges from previous storms. The measured and predicted surges agree well.


The snapshots below were taken from the NTSLF website at 1600 on 11/2/14, for Workington,  Liverpool and Llandudno.

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