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eSurge Cork 2014 - Course Materials



  • Lectures - 20th February, 2014
  • Lectures - 21st February, 2014
  • Practicals - 21st February, 2014
  • Group work outcomes & recommendations
  • Attendees
  • Identified Useful Links

Lectures - 20th February, 2014

Storm Surge fundamentals.
(Prof. Robert Devoy, UCC)                  Pdf   Handout

Forecasting Storm Surges - the fundamentals.
(Dr. Kristine Madsen, DMI)                 Pdf   Handout

Current state of Storm Surge Modelling.
(Dr. Ad Stoffelen, KNMI)                    Pdf   Handout

Current state of Storm Surge Forecasting.
(Dr. Kevin Horsburgh, NOC)               Pdf   Handout

ESA satellite-derived Products, Services & DUE Programme.
(Dr. Craig Donlon, ESA)                     Pdf   Handout

Lessons learned assimilating EO data into N. Sea models.
(Dr. Kristine Madsen, DMI)                 Pdf   Handout

Lessons learned assimilating EO data into Adriatic Sea models.
(Dr. Marco Bajo, ISMAR Venice)        Pdf   Handout

Day 1 Recap & key points.
(Rory Scarrott, UCC)                         Pdf   

Lectures - 21st February, 2014

Storm Surges and Coastal Inundation: Global Efforts for Regional and Local applications.
(Dr. Boram Lee, WMOP)                   Pdf   Handout

Storm-surges in the context of ESA-World Bank cooperation.
(Dr. Gordon Campbell, ESA)              Pdf   Handout

Earth Observation & forecasting Storm Surges in the North Western Pacific.
(Mr. Nadao Kohno, JMA)                   Pdf   Handout

Day 2 Recap & key points.
(Rory Scarrott, UCC)                         Pdf  

Practicals - 21st February, 2014

Practical 1 - Forecasting with Earth Observation Data.
(Dr. Ad Stoffelen, KNMI )                                                 Pdf  

Practical 2 - Seeking opportunities in forecasting information chains.
(Dr. Ned Dwyer, Dr. Boram Lee, Rory Scarrott)                  Pdf 

Group work outcomes & recommendations - 21st February, 2014

shall be made fully available here on

Friday, 7th March, 2014

Group 1 - facilitated by Dr. Boram Lee                  Pdf  

Group 2 - facilitated by Dr. Ned Dwyer                 Pdf  

Group 3 - facilitated by Mr. Rory Scarrott             Pdf  

End of day discussion on student recommendations   Pdf

Attendees - 20th & 21st February, 2014

Attendance List & Contact details                         Pdf

Google Map of the Course Attendees globally        Goodle Map

Identified Useful Links

MetEd - Free online meterological training facility

EUMETRAIN - Free online meteorological training with EO data

OceanTeacher - Free online training platform on ocean data and information management

Coastal Atlas Visualisation examples:

the Storm Surge Network:

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  • SSN Facebook Page                       Link
  • SSN LinkedIn Page                         Link

Identified Useful Literature Resources

WMO Guide to Storm Surge Forecasting    

WMO most frequently updated sections in the Guide to Storm Surge Forecasting

Directive 60/2007 of the European Parliment & council re. the assessment and management of flood risk.