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Tropical Storm Vamei (2001)

Tropical storm Vamei hit Malaysia on December 27th 2001, causing flooding and landslides. 

Meteorological history

Vamei formed as a small low level circulation off Borneo on December 19th 2001, slowly moving westward, intensifying to tropical storm status on December 27th. At this stage an eye was visible in satellite images. It made landfall in Malaysia, 60km north of Singapore, later that day, then weakened once it emerged into the straights of Malacca.

Vamei formed closer to the equator than any other recorded storm, at only 1.5N. This had previously been considered impossible due to the lack of coriolis forces. 

Although officially Vamei is classified as a tropical storm, it has many characteristics of a typhoon, and some agencies classify it accordingly.

Storm surge and aftermath

Although there does not appear to have been any major storm surge from Vamei, there has been some work done on whether such an event could cause a surge; see e.g. this thesis by Tay using the delft3D mode.

Satellite and in-situ data

Data for this event are available in the eSurge database.

Links and resources


paper by Chang et al on the formation of Vamei.

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