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Typhoon Linda (1997)

Tropical storm Linda made landfall in Vietnam on 2nd November 1997, causing extensive damage due to winds and rainfall, and inducing a storm surge of 60cm (more if tides are included) in the Gulf of Thailand.

Meteorological history

Linda formed as a depression near the Philippines on October 26th 1997, rapidly intensifying into a tropical storm. It moved westwards, strengthening, making landfall on Vietnam on November 2nd. 

The storm then continued into the Gulf of Thailand, making second landfall on November 3rd. It subsequently strengthened on entering the Indian Ocean, reaching typhoon status again on November 6th while off Myanmar. 

More information can be found on wikipedia.

Storm surge and aftermath

Linda caused a storm surge as it moved into the Gulf of Thailand, pushing water ahead of it.

More details can be found herehere and in this paper; several others can be found through a google search.

Satellite and in-situ data

Data for this event can be found in the eSurge database.

Links and resources

As well as the papers not above, the following links may be useful:

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