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Typhoon Usagi hits China and Hong Kong

(Update 23/9/13) Due to a late change in direction, Usagi avoided a direct hit on Hong Kong. However other parts of the Chinese coast were hit badly, with at least 25 dead in Guangdong province. See news reports from BBC, Reuters and the South China Morning Post. At time of writing it is not clear how much storm surge occurred.

(22/9/13) Typhoon Usagi is forecast to hit Hong Kong and other parts of the chinese coast later today, the most powerful storm to do so since Typhoon "Hope" in 1979.

The Hong Kong Observatory is warning that Usagi is may cause flooding from rainfall and storm surge. Other reports (e.g. here) indicate that Usagi's landfall may coincide with high astronomical tide, which would increase the flooding.

Available satellite data for Usagi are being made available through the eSurge portal. Supplementary information will be added to the Wiki page.

The image above shows OSCAT wind measurements as Usagi passes through the Luzon Strait (21/9/12, 5:53UST).