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UK calls on Global Charter on Space and Disasters

Over the Christmas and New Year period, the UK and Ireland have been hit by several major storms. This has caused major flooding from both heavy rainfall and storm surges, as well as high winds and exceptional wave swell. Coastal flooding has been recorded in many areas.

The risk of coastal flooding is not yet over, with over 200 flood alerts still in place. See the UK Environment Agency website for recent alerts.

The UK has activated the International Charter for Space and Major Disasters, retasking several satellites to obtain images useful for assessing the extent of the damage. It is rare for the UK to activiate this charter on its own behalf, but this is the second time on only a few weeks that this has happened.

In addition to the images available through the charter, eSurge is making available several advanced satellite data products, such as scatterometry. The image below shows an OSCAT image at 12:00 GMT on 3rd January, courtesy of KNMI.

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